User Guide

User guide

Automatic removal software is very easy to use and deploy. It is very friendly even for new innocent users. It has very simple interface to use but if you still get trouble in using it, following simple steps given below will help you thru it.

Step : 1-
Click on the download button and let the process to go smoothly. After successful download, install the application. Now click on the “Scan” button and the tool perform its function.

Step : 2-
In the very second wizard, you will notice the thumbnails of all the malicious threats detected.

Step :3-
Excellent and innovative features of “Spyware Removal Tool Helpdesk” feature provided by automatic spyware removal tool help user to know all about the spyware and its intensity.

Steps :4-
The very last step is for the security that is offered to protect your system from further attack.


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